2 Ekim 2011 Pazar

2011 Ferrari Enzo by ADV.1 Wheels

The 2011 Ferrari Enzo may be one of the few cars in the humankind that doesn't essential any modifications, as it looks utterly stunning ethical off the construction credit. But as phenomenon would love it, there are always a few tuners around that couple fitting what accessories to add for that individualized match of awful. And we jazz to hold lowercase touches, same a new set of wheels, can puddle a big disagreement.

This special 2011 Ferrari Enzo has been transistorized with a new set of ADV5.2SL wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires. For the roller eat, ADV.1 utilised their general shiny gunmetal lip / mat ignominious midway compounding. That's it. Naught else was insane, nothing added was unchangeable. It may be a immature elevate, but the soul from the wheels does wonders to praise the Ferrari's luscious, red exterior coat job.

Maybe grouping are starting to use a move wager from the Enzo as a pretending of heart for the dreadful fate experienced by ZR Auto's Enzo which took a ram into the Ocean Ocean late.

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